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November 24, 2015
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Using Twitter Ads To Reach Your Demographic

Social media marketing has become an extremely valuable tool for small business looking to expand their brand. Sites like Twitter and Facebook offer ads that help businesses drive traffic toward their pages or posts, leading to more exposure and more revenue. To give an example of the power of Twitter branding, a study by showed that Twitter Ads and marketing drove around $716 million toward more than 20 midsized cars that accounted for 34% of annual U.S. car sales in 2013. This means that Twitter is a legitimate advertising outlet.

Twitter first started allowing users to pay for promoted tweets in 2010, and has continued to expand the advertising methods it offers to its users. Today, there are a number of different ways you can use Twitter Ads to reach your target audience.

Here is a look at some of the features that targeted Twitter Ads can offer businesses.

Targeting Users

One of the most important aspects of online advertising is getting the right audience to see your ads. Obviously, if you are not reaching people that would have any interest in your product or service your campaign is sure to fail.

Twitter Ads allows you to precisely target the audience that you are trying to reach. You can target users by geographical location; including state, city, or zip code. You are even able to target users based on the devices they are using. If you only want to advertise to mobile users, you can do just that. Not only can you promote specifically to mobile users, but you can also pick which devices you would like your advertisement to reach!

You can also target users based on their interests, which twitter handles they follow, and their gender. Overall, Twitter offers you the ability to pick an extremely specific audience, and that will hopefully lead to you getting a good return on your investment.

Promoted Accounts

This first type of Twitter Ad I am going to discuss is promoted accounts. Promoting an account is a way of exposing that Twitter account to other users. For example, when you first log in to your account and land on your home page, you will see a box in the top right corner labeled “who to follow.” Usually, these suggestions are based on your interests and the type of profiles you are following on Twitter, but more often than not you will see a profile with a Twitter Ads logo next to it. That means that a Twitter user has paid to be promoted to a demographic that you are in. Obviously, the user’s goal is to gain more followers and grow their brand through social media advertising.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets appear right in a user’s timeline along with the tweets of those they are following. If you have ever conducted a Twitter search, you have probably noticed that paid results based on the keyword phrases used appear before organic results. This is a company trying to drive traffic to a specific tweet.

If you have a tweet you think is awesome, you will want to consider promoting it. Promoting your tweet will increase its exposure exponentially and get your message out to users who would have never seen it otherwise. This is a great way to build your brand, gain exposure, share content, and promote a special deal your company is offering.

Promoted Trends

To the left side of your Twitter homepage is the “Trends” box. This box lists topics and hashtags that are currently popular, or trending, on Twitter. Promoted trends will appear at the top of the “Trends” box. This is a way for advertisers to get twitter users to start talking about a certain subject using a promotional hashtag in their tweets. For example, if a TV station wants to promote a new show they can create a hashtag and advertise it; hopefully driving discussion toward the show.

Creating and promoting hashtags is an effective way to raise awareness for limited time events and launches of new products.


Twitter records the data for your advertisements and displays them in an easy to understand fashion. This data will include the number of impressions for all of your Twitter Ads (tweets, trends, accounts), traffic and click conversions Twitter drives to your site, and insight data about your followers.

In conclusion, targeted Twitter Ads are a great way to expand your brand, gain exposure, and promote messages and material to an abundance of users. If your company has a Twitter page that is just sitting there and accumulating dust, Twitter Ads offers an opportunity to get people talking about your twitter page, your company, and your services.

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