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November 24, 2015
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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

Instead of hiring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, you decided to hire a web designer for a one-time fee to create a beautiful website for your business. You figured a new website would be enough to attract new customers online, right? Wrong.

While a great website is vital for any business, you need to consider this question: how are people supposed to find your website? There is no doubt that a beautiful website is extremely important to your success online, but if no one can find your site, what good is it? If you do not take account search engines and semantic SEO, the only people that are going to find your site are the ones already looking for it. People that type your name into Google will find your business in the search results, but what if they haven’t heard of you yet?

Optimizing relevant long-tail keywords on your website will tell Google what your site is about. This will allow Google to place your site in the appropriate search results. The key is to rank well for keyword phrases relevant to your business so that you can attract traffic to your site when people search for those keywords. Obviously, someone who hasn’t heard of your company won’t look it up by name, but if you rank well for the keywords they are searching for, you may end up with a new customer or client.

This is the general idea behind SEO: climb Google’s search engine rankings to drive traffic to your website. While this is a complex strategy that uses techniques like link building, keyword optimization, content marketing and blogging, it is an undeniable necessity for any business looking to be taken seriously online.

Here are just a few ways that a solid SEO strategy can benefit your business:


As mentioned above, the primary goal behind SEO is to increase your website’s visibility by ranking higher in Google searches. When you rank higher in searches, more traffic is driven to your website. High-quality SEO simply makes it easier for search engine users to find your website.



Because a good SEO strategy will only optimize keywords that are relevant to your business, Google will only rank you for those keywords. This leads to more relevant traffic being directed to your website, which means a better chance of attracting a new customer/client. So not only will an SEO campaign improve your overall traffic, but the quality of your traffic will increase as well.



A big part of SEO is creating quality content to share on your website and your social media platforms. Google rewards business that create quality content containing information that readers will find valuable. By consistently posting valuable and original content relevant to your business, you will not only rank higher in search results, but you will also build your credibility. You will build a following that trusts your information, and you will attract new visitors and potential customers/clients to your website. This is what marketers like to call content marketing.



If your competitors are practicing SEO, you are fighting a battle for online visibility that you simply cannot win. Let’s say one of your competitors ranks on page 1 for “San Francisco Cheesesteak” and you are on page 7. How are you supposed to compete? You will surely lose that customer to a business on page 1… or 2… or 3. It would take a miracle for someone to find your page when you are literally that far behind the competition.

SEO strategies allow you to put up a fight by ensuring that your website receives a comparable ranking (hopefully higher) for keywords relevant to your business. Stop letting your competitors be the only ones reaping the benefits of targeted SEO.



During the early era of SEO, many SEO companies focused their efforts on pleasing Google’s algorithms even if it meant sacrificing the user experience on their website. The result would often be a horrible website with a high ranking. Fortunately, with each Google algorithm update, the focus is being shifted to creating websites that will make the users happy, not just the search engines. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, spamdexing and link farms; and born from its ashes is the age of valuable original content and a great user experience. Websites that put in the effort to please and inform its users will be rewarded by Google.


If you have any questions about the information above or want to know what a professional SEO strategy can do for your business, contact Golden State Marketing today.

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