CCTV Surveillance Solutions

GBT designs, supplies and integrates all-inclusive CCTV Surveillance Systems designed to increase the level of security for both the Residential Homes, Big and Small Enterprises, as well as Industrial-size plants.

Our wide range of CCTV products include, but not limited to:

  • IP (Network-based) Cameras
  • Weather-tolerant & Vandal-resistant cameras
  • Domes, Bullet, and UFO style cameras
  • Infrared sensitive cameras.
  • High performance Network Video Recorders

New developments in the security industry in Kenya and all over the world have made CCTV Surveillance one of the most significant and valuable component for security management, control, and loss prevention.

Here are some of the Reasons why you need to have a CCTV installed on my premises?

  • Having at-least one CCTV camera and Digital Video Recorder on your location allows you to protect your home or business against risks such as untruthful employees, vandals, intruders, and shoplifters.
  • Not only security, CCTV security cameras  can be used as a management tool to improve work performance, and employees health and safety. By monitoring workplace progressions, employers can be able to identify staffing needs and maintain consistent customer service.
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