Gurnett Enterprise

A site of a kind. It systematically guides people to making of Orders. Learn More:

  1. Offers a shop for general products
  2. Contains a blog that educates visitors
  3. Can be viewed by device
  4. Connects visitors with other Social Medias
  5. Integrated with Google Maps
  6. Among many…

Visit and get to know how much you can supply especially if your dealing with Government

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Showroom Management Sys

A System that do more than you can imagine. Has helped car dealers by:

  1. Offering them a way to manage their cars.
  2. Track all expenses involved to a car
  3. Have clients Globally to access the showroom
  4. Its Cloud Based system
  5. Helps to advise dealers on the price to sell the car

Having a yard showroom or Dealing with any manner of cars? Get the system
and experience a new beginning in your management.

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Bulk Sms System

Want to communicate to more with less? Get Bulk Sms package:

  1. Will Help you send 1000 Messages at a go
  2. Will schedule your messages and send them later
  3. Will brand your Org to a higher level
  4. Marketing will be fast and easy

Get one for your business and begin turn around your sales!

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Stock Management Sys

Challenges in automating your Stock? See How Stock Sys has Helped many:

  1. Tracks your inventory from ordering to selling
  2. Advises when the stock is below required quantity
  3. Helps you know the most moving Product
  4. Tracks all your expenses during operations
  5. Reveals to you the most hardworking employes

Its more than a system. Manage your showroom at comfort of your home,
office or at any location.

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Sherpal Tours & Travel

An E-commerce Travel and Tour website that does the following

  1. Book for Tour services
  2. Clients pay online through master card and Paypal
  3. Views available Destinations and Hotels
  4. Highly Responsive

Gives visitors a tour experience like non other Visit it by clicking on the button Below

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Reech & Conpany Advocates

A Law Firm based in South Sudan that Offers Legal affairs consultancy Services. What the Website can Do:

  1. Clients are able to book Legal Services On-line
  2. Acquire Downloads from the Website
  3. Get all necessary info from the website
  4. Translate the Site into Arabic
  5. Get direction from the Google map Integrated
  6. Among many other services

Have an experience of Legal firm services by visiting this site

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Kingdom Seekers Fellowship Nairobi

A church website with immense function. Learn more on it:

  1. Read sermons from the Website
  2. Request for Prayers on-line
  3. View Fellowship Programs
  4. Among others
  5. Highly Responsive

A site that helps you get closer to God & know of his purpose over Your life click on the button Below

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Samjee East Africa Ltd

An E-commerce construction Website that does the following

  1. Order for Stones On-line
  2. Request For quotation
  3. Pay for stones On-line
  4. Get pointed direction to their offices
  5. Linked to their Social media directly from the Website
  6. Highly Responsive on all devices

Get a feel of stones that you never knew of before:

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